Cobblestone Below My Feet (and other tales of devils and onions)

by Chemystry Set

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Go seven generations 'fore to ask what they have seen. Be sure the things you say and do are what you want to mean. Construct, revise and protest what you're told up on the screen, to change the glory of conquest to what it should have been. Don't you worry, I'll get you to where I'm going. Thwart me but I won't turn back from wherever it is that I am blowing. On the seas of change the flow will help us to rearrange. Take a cup of tuber juice, and raise it to the sky. Jumped on board a bit too late, I’m nothing but fertilize. Though history is my polyglot, I live in present tents. Thank God for all the joy, because it don’t bring no cents. I’m still standing on the world, so please forgive me if I slide. It's not for those who are never wrong and swimming with the tide. The echo of our folly is now blowing through the night. So thwart me if you will but I am running towards the light.
Sitting in a garden with berries and a beer. A visit by a marten, the ancient sun is near. I used to think that time would change the way I feel the beat, but now I'm only treading cobblestone below my feet. The senses set to overflow, a weary mind it mends. Returning in the evening, magic garden filled with friends. Golden nectar brewed so pure with barely more than wheat. The easier to float with cobblestone below my feet. Cobblestone below my feet, what we see is not complete. Beneath the cobble is history's heap, but few want to dig that deep. Another day in heaven, I look into the sky. Mars is getting lower, and the Earth is getting high. I used to think the devil moved to Stuttgart down the street, but now I find he's stealing cobblestone below my feet. We'll return unless this time's the only one we'll get. All the family has gotten set, even ones we haven't met. Rings of planets makin' rounds, their return we'll always greet. Dancing fates tap out a code on the stone below my feet. Cobblestone below my feet, cobble the world and everyone you meet. A stone so solid that you can build a center street. Cobble me, cobble me, cobble me, make my stone complete.
Father can you help me I don't seem to understand. I've seen too many people laying claim to mother's land. What you've got to analyze are the signs in their eyes. Sisters come on down and show the world where love has gone. The part of you in everyone so afraid to be strong. What you've got to show the man is your will to stand. People can you hear the rumors flying through the air? The kings of greed have left the ship and forgot to pay their share. What we've got to do is fight for our souls to unite. Silence has been the state of love for at least ten thousand years, while rules and laws were made by those in the valley of our fears. What we've got is me and you to break on through.
I’ve sung all that I have to sing, my ambition has been spent. The only expectation left: to figure out what all of this has meant. To greed or not to greed? Why do you still beg that question? Come sit around our stump, making progress marked by hesitation. In the midst of abject greed, I turn my gaze upon my own creed. There was a time, and there are still some places, where man could get more than his fill without leaving any traces. But with the speed with which we feed, this time has now passed, and those remaining ponds of plenty are drying up so fast. Skipping hopes. They ricochet....but they still agitate. No more subject. No more crown. It’s time to keep that hunger down. There will always be some people of ambition with no bound, and they must be befriended by those still on the ground. They must be told a tale of a life that’s not for sale. Break the bread. Turn the brown.... it’s time to keep that hunger down.
Takin’ a try on the other side, starin’, buyin’, enjoyin’ the ride. It’s so easy, an effortless fling, they have me set up like a puppet on a string. You ask me what’s wrong; I say, “Nothing’s there.” It’s just the burning ember I feel cuz I’m aware. What can it be? What do you perceive? The smolder tells me that we both are deceived. Lo grade dread - that we all have been misled Lo grade dread - from inbred merit inherited I fear my own people; we got no roots. Our gods are men in business suits. Church of the times: dollar sign. Faith means nothing with the bottom line. Not carin’ enough for one another. Forgettin’ the meaning of sister and brother. Ho humdrum life, the privileged scene, we’re part of the problem just by bein’. Lo grade dread - it’s the fuel that runs my head. Brakelights on the freeways, in minutes what used to be days. This pace is like a cultural seizure. History is spreading like official amnesia. Curiosity makes biotech flowers, free trade dictates corporate powers. There’s talk of Armageddon in Babylon’s towers. The cost of this perpetual growth is not ours. Mountains belching smoke and ash. Outside, the people spewing gunk. Inside, I’m plaintive at the window, held captive to this funk. (I got) Lo grade dread when dreaming of the places we should have been led. I and I singing this should make a Rastaman laugh, I and I got no struggle to speak of in my past. But I and I sick of profiteering from the colors of my skin, the only way I and I know of to deal with this sin is... Dread
(free) 01:03
Tiger on a roll you don't need to leave it now, you don't need to run the course of why and how. Tiger on a roll you are the beat of life, your story skips the page of war and strife. And you may find a thousand reasons not to be kind. And you may see no light at all. Tiger on a roll you stood by all the change, you watched the human race take control. Tiger on a roll is it true that you might know how to sense the signs of danger as they grow? And you may find a thousand reasons not to be kind, and you may see no light at all. But look inside, a sea of motion there to take flight. Tiger you will follow your dream back home. Tiger on a roll the ocean's on the rise, our thirst for ever more is melting ice. Searching for our soul we have fought the ancient light that was always there to guide us from inside.
Au debut, on ne sait jamais. Qu’est-ce qui se passera après. Il tombe malade; il rate encore des camarades. Trouver du bon chemin? c’est assez chiade. La pluie tombe des yeux. La vie est une déluge, en mieux. Il était une fois qu’elle aie été ravie. Par consequences de la passage du temps, nous ne sommes plus que des amis. Que de la folie nous revienne, que nos efforts nous fasse du bien. Au debut, on ne sait jamais. Qu’est-ce qui se passera après. A la fin, on ne sait pareil. Qu’est-ce qui s’était passé après?
Hello my hungry one, where has your wisdom gone? You've run a thousand miles through hills of fame and almost there, you forgot to breathe the air, somewhere someone lost a view, tell me is it losing you? Good-bye my scenic friend. This isn't what you planned. Your strength is leaving you, the freights and weights you carried up are drinking from your empty cup. Now that lights are dimming down you get to take a look around, and taste all of that. I'm what you want to see and you can be my destiny. Your words dissolve in rain, I'm the ink that flows in vain. The world is guiding me to buildings built for souls to find the stories they once left behind. I'm sliding down an open road where no one's ever been before. My mind is feeding me the things I am afraid to see. A simple call for help, for laughter and for sympathy. I crossed a bridge that night when stormy waters deep inside took me for a crazy ride, nothing left that I could hide, life is such that I incite all of that.
Back in the day when I was King Tut, too much gumbo, too much gut. Ideas burning to the port and stern. If it moves the music, it’s worth a learn. On the other throne sits Neferttytty. Tell her she won’t, and she will completely. Sh’thawed her bod in a warmer clime, bevies of bevvies to go with a twist of lime. Like froggies in a boil, starting cold to the touch, we don’t even know when we’ve had too much. Stir the pot and quaff and chomp, do the pharaoh zydecongo stomp. All hail to the second son, Ludwig von. Crusading knight? Nope, he’s the dawn. A scribe of higher glyphic range, a delta male, he’s all for change. Some are the tethered, our bass is a pole, from a Princetown rumble he’s on a roll. Invert the pyramid each day, carve relief into the urban decay. Chimystère et boules de gomme, ceci est ce que nous sommes. On ne se prend pas la tête, les jours se roulent et la vie est fête. Whack those skins, slap the bass, pound the keys, guitar givin’ chase. King cake crumble French Quarter romp, do the Congo Square zydecongo stomp. The last by name, raised as pharaoh apparent, rejected the legacy; see, it’s errant. Finally done fleeing my royal birth cuz every heart’s a beet pumping blood red earth. The sea will split for those who dream, who never forget we all live downstream. In the wilderness we find remaining a family just takes some time.


Produced by Dickie Ogden and the Set, Chemystry Set's fifth CD, Cobblestone Below My Feet, ferments three years of travel, storytelling, friendships, and recording magic into a rich and highly intoxicating elixir. On their fifth release, the band that has made a name for itself over the last ten years with boundary-defying music and message-driven songs is coming of age in this beautifully dynamic tapestry of tightly-arranged and rockin' compositions. Written during and after their 2003 European tour, Cobblestone Below My Feet is an invitation across language, culture, and consciousness. Like a carriage ride through history, hitting the cobblestone with an amalgam of sounds and an ever-fresh poetic luminescence, this album takes the listener into another time zone, all along establishing connections not only to the present, but the future of humanity. Includes beautiful black and white cobblestone photography by Debra Baida.


released November 4, 2006

Dickie Ogden - Drums
Joel Oppenheimer - Bass
Baba Ndjhoni - Mandolin, Vocals
Patty Hughes - Wurli Piano, Vocals
Sven Eberlein - Guitars, Vocals

Joe Balestreri - Trumpet
Dan Heffez - Alto Sax
Nathaniel Hawkes & Baba Ndjhoni - Horn Arrangements

©2006 Ogden Park / Tuber Creations




Chemystry Set San Francisco, California

Musicianship tight as an atom, music wild and roaming as the imagination of the unknown. It’s like everything and nothing I’ve ever heard, a screaming reminder that rock is rebellion and must be reinvented each time it’s played, or else it’s just pop.

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