Dancing On The Brink Of The World

by Chemystry Set

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Once upon a time in forgotten lands the people in their prime had a special dance to a song we don't remember the end because progress marched in But we all know that magic will not go you kill the plant, another seed will grow dancing on the brink of the world you know we'll find the end of the song There's a girl in this world and she's standing tall with a drum and a dance she will tell you all I can hear I can see I can climb the wall but to play you must risk And she's laughing out because she can hear the sound that the people made when they looked around just to find that the beat of the drum was found the song is not lost So everyone knows how the story goes it's the wind from the past that suddenly blows and there are more and more who can see Mother Bear as the song unfolds And now there's a tribe dancing to the song that was lost but it knew it wouldn't be too long so look out cause the rhythm's quickly catching on this song is alive
LYRICS Don't know how or where I've been before Don't know when I first arrived Don't know but I'm still alive Set out with the morning sun surprise I didn't mean to open my eyes But then the weight of the world fell on my head Got the message that I'm here to give got a door through which I leave, Now my gift to the world: I learned to receive Been swimming in a honey jar got a twisted little mind jumpin' the rope, dippin' the rind I don't look back and won't regret The year of the ram, so baby shove it I can't sit still and can't keep quiet anymore had too much of it I was first to climb up on the ledge I took a million little steps walked to the edge, dove to the ground I'm the universal lightning rod The pulse that makes you breathe with the will to survive, keeping fires alive ::::::::::
LYRICS Digging deep to find the seed that is rising digging deep to find the seed that will shine digging deep to build a heap that is breathing digging deep to build a heap that will grow And when you get to a wall and the pressure is on and when it gets too hot for anyone to come along and when the darkness takes its toll on your eyes and when the roots you're holding on to are nothing but lies And when the winds have ceased to blow the earth is lying silently below will we all remember the mole? Digging deep to find the seed that is rising digging deep to find the seed that will shine digging deep to build a heap that is breathing digging deep to build a heap that will grow ::::::::::
LYRICS Woke up this morning got a thought in my head, I dug out a pen, wrote it down on a pad scribbled a note, drew up a scene, the words came pouring out of me A proposition, a press release, a poem, a reminder, a string of ideas a story about life on the brink, the whole page covered in ink Down the street to the mailbox I went, an envelope in my hand a letter stamped and addressed to the Department of Curiosity From the mailbox down to the central hub, tossed in a pile and covered up then shuffled around and sorted out, the time had come to go travelin' about Letter of mine, letter of mine, travel the distance through layers of time red or white or black or blue, my mission is to contact you from state to state, land to land, a hundred times exchanging hands. by ship, by train, by plane, by foot, your postal code will get you through. Over the mountains, across the sea, through cities and towns when finally a sign says on the destination door: "This address don't exist no more" Return to sender and back in the pile, adjusting the outcome, changing the style I'm tossing the words, licking the glue, I'm sending this one out to you Sleet or snow, sun or rain, the message must go out again. I send the letter to the care of curiosity living everywhere. And now, bestowed with dinks and dents the letter gets in the whole world's hands from the continent's heart to the edge of the coast, they all read the curiosity prose: I want to learn what I learned and unlearn it again, find what I found and then lose it again listen to those that I don't understand, find us all an open end I want to wake up the past and let it sleep again, fight for a cause and surrender it then be all the change that I possibly can, turn it all around again ::::::::::
LYRICS Hey Mother, see the grass right through your door how it's growing, how it's fading how it's changing all the time See the flowers living without no fear to die how they're feeding, always leading for the moment, always now Hey Brother, see the window in the wall always open, always hoping just some glass to keep the heart hear the voices, ghostly as they seem never drowning and not thinking just existing not a dream Hey Father, can you feel the rugged shell? is it cracking, maybe moving can the core endure some pain Feeling naked, you know it's just yourself sweet exposure, sweet and tender touch the fear borne in the shell Hey Preacher, has the truth begun to leak penetrating, not containing like some heaven up above Feel the fever engaging unaware full of stirring and alluding for the frightened hand to cling
LYRICS The seed that will be only me starts with heating and radiates out from the dark for every new meeting I rise every day like the sun, ever shining Though sometimes obscured by a cloud with no silver lining Sun songs are sometimes eclipsed by some other heavenly tune. I cannot resist the pull of their rhythms. I can't help but dance with the moon. I'll take the time to create my own illusions, or from the shadows will creep some one else's delusions. Express and impress - that's my essence, that's my theater. Midsummer harvest, leap fires, play follow the leader. When I'm in the game, I arrange, I conduct, I score. When pushed to the side, I cannot abide, no more songs, now I roar. I look to myself and you should do the same. I am the source, I'm the happy refrain. I've got the heart, I've got Yellows and Red. I've got oranges and honey and all that I''ve said. My pride sometimes gets in the way of my magnanimous gift, Sun Songs sustained across the range for whomsoever needs a lift.
LYRICS Sometimes I feel like I'm running out of words and it seems they've all been used sometimes I'm even running out of worlds, cause the one I'm on is all confused It's when the same line is coming up I'm staring at an empty cup and all I want to say is sounding bland and when my brain's working overtime just to find another line my god it's really time to go to bed Sometimes I wish I could be someone else do my job from time to time sometimes I don't want to be the one who tells what it's like to walk the line Sometimes I sit on my floor and look ahead to the things that might occur sometimes I watch the planes go by instead thinking I should be there Sometimes when everyone is in a grind I speed up just to get a piece sometimes I'm really feeling left behind and surrender on my knees Sometimes, and really only sometimes do I think that I could write a decent song that's why I'll never write sometimes down in ink from now on I'll be writing all night long
LYRICS The first thing she said was so clear, that we're all seeking harmony here from the man on the street with the cane to the king on the hill If you listen to the signs of the sage together we're coming of age the Buddha and Gandhi and John, they all come along And we're all on the edge of the earth and we're facing the other side's worth we're turning around There are those who will lead us to war because they say we're not safe anymore and then bullets fly, people die, and our spirits are sore So I'm trying to balance the fall cause I know that if you listen to them all that there are two sides to every coin, but the coin is the same There are those who will say it's too late with mountains dividing our fates it's easy to give up when you can't touch the wall But the wall is inside of our heart you know we're not so far apart let me hear your cries, we all got it hard And the ones that we thought we should hate standing there pulling our weight they're all just looking for love to set themselves free When it all comes to pass in the end then you know you can lean on a friend an ally, a lover, your star, to bring you along And the last thing that's so crystal clear we're all seeking harmony here from the man on the street with the cane to the king on the hill
LYRICS Hello, my name is Zach, I'm sure we've met before my reputation is to crush you to the floor I'm the one who takes your confidence away the model, prodigy and warrior But now the time has come to mourn all the years I've thrown away since I was born up on the mountain, I was told there is light just to find out that it must have been the other side Now I feel a tear in my eyes is it the child in me that breaks down and cries? Where did it go? Where did it go? As the days go by I feel so old And the sun is nothing but a star casting shadows when we fall apart Is it in vain? Is it in vain? Everytime I let go I feel the pain I saw my picture in the news today show the world I've got important things to say but hey, you critics, you unravelers of blinds can you read between the lines? Well, here's my license, you know my legendary gun the one so clean, my team, my lover and my son take this sculpture, I don't think I need it now what's the purpose of this all, anyhow? I am leaving, gonna fly right out of town the final deal, yeah, when thunder hits the ground bring on the vultures, I see their rotten smile when truth meets pain, we'll all stand trial I've got my instincts I don't need no bloody map I'm shedding years and you can try to hold me back did you want some flowers, for your memories, just in case well suit yourself, here's a vase
LYRICS Hard work, I'm filling my time I do hard work, the first one in line hard work, there's nothing to keep me from hard work, and no food to feed me like hard work, I get out of bed and do hard work, I work till I'm dead Hard work, whenever I'm down I do hard work, the best worker in town Hard work, I give all I got hard work, and never ask a lot hard work, the best years of my life I do hard work, so our nation can strive Hard work, I go on and on, I do hard work, and never do harm, I do hard work, ten days in a row hard work, so business will grow hard work, I need more and more of that hard work, like I never did before Hard work, whenever I'm down I do hard work, the best worker in town Hard work, I give all I got hard work, and never ask a lot hard work, the best years of my life I do hard work, so our nation can strive There's a better tomorrow for all if we work hard enough we won't fall
LYRICS Fire in the darkness, fire in the sea fire in the skies of you and me Fire in Uganda, fire in Gabon fire in the streets of Washington Fire in Falluja, fire in Zaire fire on the border of Kashmir Fire in Narmada, fire in Israel fire in the forest of Brazil Fire on the radio, fire in the news fire in the brains of those who choose Fire, come give me fire come on and take me down, your flame will go around, just give me fire Fire on the radio, fire in the news fire on the moving screens and in the brains of those who choose Fire in the darkness, and fire in the sea fire in our music and the skies of you and me Fire, just give me fire
LYRICS Did you know many years ago there was a rat named Gong who thought it was not fair at all that he could not see the sun he'd heard the story by his folks many times before that rats were not supposed to step beyond the hidden door Then along came Jack, a rat so old and wise who was the one that no one liked, cause wisdom has its price Gong so bold he followed Jack to dig from underground a road that curved toward the light where freedom comes around Don't you hide inside your hole, no, no, no The leading rats might not be right, they've never seen the light Gazing from behind a tree, excited and surprised two rats so far apart in age, looking at their lives the strangest sight they'd ever seen, scooping from a telescopic scene two rats in search of light, transforming all their energy inside Will you step outside your hole? Go, go, go time has come to catch your flight, another dream is ripe With motley rays pervading callous skin every step you take outlives a chain of countless years, cause time and space are for the leaders' sake Jack the Rat knew it in his heart and quickly turned to live among the stars Gong our friend took the subtle hint and proceeded dancing with the wind Don't stop searching for the sun. No, no, no answers fail when questions come, the end has just begun ::::::::::
LYRICS If life was a wheel on a simple road I would ride it inside to a place I know If love was a dream in my little world I would dream it, and screen it, play it back a little slow If dreams were meant to be signs along the way I would heed them and feed them, shine my light their way If words could reach another land I would grow them and throw them, till we all understand I will always think of you, my friend give you all the love I know, my friend so please my friend walk across the end And you, dear friend, thank you once again time will go by and you'll be flying high And now, you see, if love is still a dream then you know I'll be there, moving through your screen I will always think of you, my friend give you all the love I know, my friend so please my friend walk across the end ::::::::::
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Dancing on the Brink of the World is the companion CD to the book by the same name written by Sven Eberlein, featuring a song cycle through the signs of the zodiac, plus two bonus tracks. Weaving moments of pure Rush-like rock ‘n’ roll ecstasy into a tapestry of deeper reflective soundscapes that echo a darker side of the moon, Dancing on the Brink of the World is so much more than a random collection of songs. Each song has very distinct influences, yet none permeate the project throughout. On their 6th album, Chemystry Set has come full cycle, pouring a vast reservoir of influences ranging from world rhythm, jazz, and groove to bluegrass, fusion, progressive rock, and punk into a sea of archetypes that take the listener from leisurely swims to adventurous dives. It is, as the band’s name, a leap into not knowing; and it is, as the subject matter of the CD, a mixture of the essence of every person in the world uniting in harmony. Artwork by Evelyn Terranova. Produced by Dickie Ogden.


released January 9, 2009

Sven Eberlein - Guitars & Vocals
Dickie Ogden - Drums & Vocals
Patty Hughes - Wurlitzer Piano, Farfisa Organ, Phil's Organ & Vocals
Baba Ndjhoni - Bass, Mandolin, Ukulele & Vocals

Special guests:
Joel Oppenheimer - Extra Bass
Steven Forrest - astro talk




Chemystry Set San Francisco, California

Musicianship tight as an atom, music wild and roaming as the imagination of the unknown. It’s like everything and nothing I’ve ever heard, a screaming reminder that rock is rebellion and must be reinvented each time it’s played, or else it’s just pop.

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