The Last Real Experience

by Chemystry Set

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Birthed by the ever-present spontaneous combustions of all that is Chemystry, and produced under the auspices of Dickie Ogden (Dr. Dickie), this third incarnation in the underground trilogy is probably the most refined and momentous creation in the Set's storied journey. Leaving more room for each song to breathe, the Set's ever evolving musicianship shines through the brilliant dynamics, giving more meaning to the album's daring arrangements and twists. And should you wonder about the implications of the album title, turn your attention to that most treasured and ancient wisdom, found between all lines and within yourself:
The end is the beginning, be here now!

There, on the lookout over time and space,
forgetting to remember, remembering to forget.
There, in the orbit of the ever-present power of this moment,
dancing the dance of creation and destruction.
There, with the revolutionary lessons from beneath,
and a loving invitation from the space between.
There - and forever now, the last real experience...


released June 1, 2003

Dickie Ogden - Drums
Joel Oppenheimer - Bass
Baba Ndjhoni - Mandolin, Vocals
Patty Hughes - Wurli Piano, Vocals
Sven Eberlein - Guitars, Vocals

Special Guests
Rich Doucette - Esraj
JB White - Piano & Bathtub
Mica Tellez - Answering Machine

recorded and mixed from january - april 2003 at ogden park west under the wizardry and medical auspices of dr. dickie

mastered by Justin Weis at Trakworx in South San Francisco, CA

visuals by wendy rogell and anja krombholz

produced by dickie ogden and chemystry set

©2003 tuber creations
all rights reversed: power to the people




Chemystry Set San Francisco, California

Musicianship tight as an atom, music wild and roaming as the imagination of the unknown. It’s like everything and nothing I’ve ever heard, a screaming reminder that rock is rebellion and must be reinvented each time it’s played, or else it’s just pop.

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Track Name: The Last Real Experience
o mesmo
não podemos ser todos originais, porque si não seremos iguais
inevitavelment imprestamos daqueles que admiramos
queremos poder fazer o mesmo e ainda chamar de original

We cannot all be unique because then we'd be the same.
Inevitably, then, we borrow from those whom we acclaim.
We want to be able to do that too, and still call it something new.

i give you money for a bowl of smile
you taste my honey like it's going out of style
i send you flowers, the color of the day
you wait for hours with nothing much to say
the last real experience, climbing down the mud with che
the last real experience, landed on the hips of tom ze
i give you choices - red, white, black and blue
guided by my voices you know what to do
i's on a circle, biggest wheel in town
circle in your work hole going round and round
Track Name: Walk
some they drink and some they scream
some they smoke just a little green
some they yearn for just a talk
and though he understands
he goes for a walk
hit the city with a rhythm
and you will quickly come to see
the other side of what we say we do
to fill our lives with wealth and independence every day
broken dreams and shattered glass
known as externalities
but he who walks the pace of moon and stars
will write his own dreams
in the daylight and the dark
Track Name: Salaam
salaam salaam salaam salaam
tata lolo banuke bonso
hello travelers you've come far
to celebrate at the grand bazaar
the past is gone so here we are
what we are
hello those of you at the plow
a bounty flowing if the gods allow
you want just what you have anyhow
here and now
Track Name: Think
i wanna learn what i learned and unlearn it again
find what i found and then lose it again
listen to those that i don't understand
find us all an open end
i wanna sit in your seat and then rise up again
capture your heart and set it free again
vote for the thought that in this land
we all came to think my friend
i wanna wake up the past and let it sleep again
fight for a cause and surrender it then
be all the change that i possibly can
turn it all around again
Track Name: Follow The Idiopath
you know that we are splinters of one,
that we connect at origin
but you wake to find we lead separate lives;
it seems you threaten their distinction
they say, "oh, but that you were me...."
you say, "you are, you see?"
after you've ridden the storms and been under the knife
how can it be that you still love this life?
a little tingle, and the bolt's about to strike
random grace patterns to a point of white hot light
seizing opportunity, full force at your head
momentary blinding, your thoughts remain unsaid
i don't know how or where you went,
don't know how or where you go
i don't know how or where you will,
but I am ever by your body side
as your spirit goes,
you're in the throes,
and i follow
i shut my eyes to drop right in,
into that deep, dark pool we all share
a scene flickers through the murk,
and i watch the shadows play their ancient forms there
i place myself behind your mask;
i see sadness, i see rapture
though brought back down,
we're newly rebound splinters of one,
connecting at origin.
Track Name: Now And Right Here
walk past the sign that ignites the passing of time
and you stand in a room where everything's cool
fly through the air that collides with thoughts of despair
if ever you where, you need to be there
buildings that tumble emerge from meanings that fumble
from paradise lost, lost in our heads
and now we run like we know where we should go
but everything's clear now and right here
don't hurry this game will be over before you can score
you reach for the sky and fall through the floor
fly through the air that collides with thoughts of despair
whatever you wear, you need to be there
a mountain of fear divides those who resemble both you and i,
get ready to climb
and still we run like we know where we should go
but everything's clear now and right here
Track Name: Leading The Saint
leading the saint into the fog, away
leaving the ranks, unleash the cog
leaving the ranks to find a way away
pleading insane he knew he'd walk away
feeding of thanks, allay the ache
feeding of thanks, alleviate away
peeling away the useless stalk
keeping the faith without the frock
Track Name: Yeller
well i had trouble writing a song just the other day
i met a girl that was so damn pretty i've forgotten how to play
i tried the prettiest chords I could
i even tried what jerry would
but she looks better
than any song i'd write to tell her that she's the perfect girl
and i was too yellow to ask her for her number before i left
Now i don't know if she's got a boyfriend, and i don't care
because i'm the perfect guy for her my mother says
so i wrote a hokey country song
i promise it won't be too long
the metaphores i tried to elude
because she's a poet too so i'm definitely screwed
i don't want to try to make her weep
i like her cause she's really neat
she makes my BEER taste better!
so i'm almost done with my hokey song
why don't y'alls try and sing along
she makes my BEER taste better!
my BEER tastes better! (now everyone in the back)
she makes my BEER taste better!
she looks better than any song . . . i could sing
Track Name: Seed For A Dream
the seed on a mountain, a seed for a dream
i've seen it on a mountain, i've seen it on my screen
on the edge of a bedframe i dream myself to sleep
running through the day, running very deep
the first step to memory is falling down the stairs
my eyes are feeling heavy, my mind is losing cares
i look into the darkness, feel my way around
but no one to seek guidance, no one to be found
a twitch of the muscle, heartbeat from the bone
a sentence for my tooth, a message far from home
going through a portal where thoughts have never been
don't know where it's leading, don't know where to begin
blowing now like ashes, sunken in my bed
i'm sucked into the space between the living and the dead
and last I remember the writing on the wall
through images of light it says: have no fear at all
Track Name: Ghost Of Flesh
i am a ghost of flesh